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As per §2 of our constitution, the AWCH exclusively and directly pursues social and charitable purposes. The purpose of the club is the promotion of international understanding, welfare care, the support of people in need, and education. We can procure funds for the realization of charitable purposes by other tax-privileged bodies and bodies governed by public law. We’re happy to support lectures,
congresses, exhibitions, information stands, and publications. We support American and international citizens living in the Greater Hamburg area and promote cultural exchanges between Americans, Germans, and other nationals. 

The club is a nonprofit organization and must maintain this status accordingly. Therefore support for the above-mentioned purposes will be checked and approved by the current Board of Officers.

For advertising and sponsorships, we prefer partners the club can associate with – either in pursuing social and charitable purposes as we do or in closely benefiting the members of the AWCH. We prefer co-operations or sponsorships to help execute and drive the club's goals.

Advertising and sponsorship requests need to include a reasonable suggestion on what the club, its causes, or members will receive in return. The money will be used to fund the realization of charitable purposes by other tax-privileged corporations and bodies of public law and/ or education of the clubs’ members and/ or associates. The following options are currently available:

  • Advertising/ Sponsorship with a logo/ banner on our website is available for 190€ per year.
  • Event sponsorship is negotiable for a certain fee depending on the event. This can range from the yearly 4th of July event to the Thanksgiving Dinner and even certain lectures or workshops. The sponsor can either provide a certain amount of money to support the execution of the event or provide support in the form of technical equipment and other material.
  • We can offer to execute and advertise your events in our bi-weekly newsletter and via our Social Media channels if you provide free entry, a reasonable discount of 40% and more or other benefits for current club members.

Feel free to send your offer to

General Disclaimer

  • Members may post personal business events in the private AWCH Facebook group once a month. These events are limited to open houses for members’ businesses, local events where the member is selling their hand-made items, and other one-time events, such as Christmas markets, craft fairs, and flea markets. The member will post their event themselves using photos and/or text, not infringing others’ copyrights. Members may not advertise causes forwarded to them by non-members without consulting the Board. Please limit your personal suggestions and recommendations on local businesses in the private Facebook group to two per month. The group moderator may use their own discretion concerning the appropriateness of posts as well as checking for repeats.
  • Members are allowed one free advertisement in Currents Magazine per year.
  • Members may suggest and organize one-off or recurring events such as workshops, lectures, or exhibitions with special conditions for club members. These events are either offered free of charge or for a considerable discount, such as 40% off the usual price. Other suggestions on recurring events that cannot include large discounts but also pursue social and charitable purposes or help execute and drive the club goals may be brought up for discussion, too. These suggestions should be sent to the Board for discussion and approval.

Our Sponsors

Thank you to our wonderful sponsors for their continued support!

American Bagel Company
David Opperman
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