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Club Leadership

The AWCH is completely run by volunteers! We are thankful for our board members, board-appointed positions, and all our volunteers, who dedicate their time and talent to help our club run smoothly and facilitate our charitable efforts. If you are interested in taking on a leadership or board-appointed position or just want to get more involved, please contact our president.

Meet the Board

Our board members are elected each year at our Annual General Meeting. The AWCH board is comprised of three executive board members, President, Vice-President, and Treasurer, and up to nine other officers, which together govern the club. The executive members legally represent the club and are registered with the Hamburg government. Board meetings are held once a month.

 Stephanie Matlock Allen
Stephanie Matlock Allen President
Erin Huebscher
Meeta Lashkari
Meeta LashkariActivities
Sara Naumann
Sara NaumannVice
Davina Santos
Davina SantosMembership
Jordan Beck Wagner
Jordan Beck WagnerFAWCO
Sai Jagtap
June Waldenberger
June WaldenbergerEvents

Board-Appointed Positions and Representatives

We have several board-appointed officers and representatives that perform essential functions and represent our club. Finally, we have a wonderful group of leaders that run each of our "clubs within our club".

Amanda Hoefling
Amanda HoeflingCurrents Art
Charis Habertag
Charis HabertagHamburger Helper
Karen Sellhorn-Timm
Karen Sellhorn-TimmHamburger Helper
Susan Stanley-Witt
Susan Stanley-WittFrom the Heart Pillow
Carol Harbers
Carol HarbersLandesfrauenrat Deputy
Holly Todd
Holly ToddHanseatic Help
Mason Jane Milam
Mason Jane MilamCurrents
Tracy Moede
Tracy MoedeFrom the Heart Pillow Project & Website
Carol Strametz
Carol StrametzFAWCO Development
Joana Moths-O’Neil
Joana Moths-O’NeilLandesfrauenrat
Sara Naumann
Sara NaumannPhilanthropy
Cat Conner
Cat ConnerWebgineer & Data Protection
Jordan Beck Wagner
Jordan Beck WagnerWebsite
Shelly Schoeneshoefer
Shelly SchoeneshoeferHanseatic Help
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American Women's Club of Hamburg e.V.
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20104 Hamburg


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