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American Women's Club of Hamburg

Currents Magazine

Way back in 1956 the first club newsletter appeared. It had one page, was mimeographed by a club member’s husband’s secretary, and contained one news item: the venue for the luncheon of the month. This grew to include up to 10 A4-sized pages. In 1987 the staff went to a printed magazine in A5 format and named it Newsletter. In 1992 the name was changed to Currents. It appeared in the original A4 format to become, with small changes according to the editor in charge, the magazine you know today.



About the Currents Magazine Staff

The Currents Staff activity group offers something to everyone. Computer fans can research articles. Creative, artistic computer people can do the layout for one month or longer. Photographers and artists can submit their art work for publication, writers can turn in news stories based on their own investigative journalism or personal introspection, as well as original literary works (short stories, poems, etc.). They can critique museum and film openings or assume responsibility for a monthly column. You can be the editor for a month or longer. You don’t have to be an English teacher to help proofread.

Join Us

Come to our staff meetings or our proofreading meetings, just for the fun and conversation if for no other reason. Perhaps in the course of the meeting, you will be the one with the most brilliant idea for a theme.  You will know club news before all other club members do; you can even shape the course of club news. Here’s to the power of the press!

If your resume is looking mighty puny since your arrival in Hamburg, we can write recommendations for you like, “Worked as an international film critic… or “Was editor in chief of… or “Worked with German publishers as creative director of the only English-language magazine in Hamburg.”


For more information about the American Women's Club and the Currents Magazine staff, please contact our Currents Executive Editor .



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