Application for Membership

Application for Membership

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Membership, Dues and Disclaimer

Membership is open to everyone, regardless of nationality or gender. Ultimate responsibility for all decisions regarding application for membership rests with the board, whose rulings are binding. After the board has approved your application, you are kindly asked to transfer the membership dues to our bank account. Dues are €45 / year to be paid upon joining the club and in January of each calendar year. Membership dues are not pro-rated, must be paid in full, and are non-refundable. Cancellation policy: Membership in the AWCH terminates through resignation or non-renewal of membership. We ask that you please notify us of your resignation or non-renewal of membership in writing, by email or post, at least 30 days prior to the new calendar year.

Upon payment of dues and application approval, you consent to allow the AWCH to store and utilize the information provided in this application for club use only. In order to protect the rights of our members, the information contained in this form will not be given out or used for any commercial purposes. You also grant permission to the AWCH to use your likeness and that of your family members on its website, social media sites and publications unless you request otherwise in writing.

Participation in club activities is entirely at the member’s (or guest’s) own discretion and risk. Neither the AWC Hamburg nor its representatives shall be held responsible for injury, damage,or loss incurred by participation in club events.

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