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A Day in the Naturheilkunde Practice

naturheilpraxis_01I am a Heilpraktikerin, engaged in a profession that doesn’t exist in that form in any other country than Germany. This is a licensed medical profession with an official state exam, covering a wide range of medical knowledge. Naturheilkunde (sometimes referred to as classical natural medicine) offers many specialties not offered by the medical doctor, such as homeopathy, acupuncture and kinesiology.

In July 2009, I founded a practice with two other women, also Heilpraktikerinnen called Naturheilzentrum Rotherbaum. Our emphasis is to heal based on considering the body and mind/spirit as a whole entity.

Let’s talk about a day, say Wednesday, at the practice:

naturheilpraxis_0209:00 Check appointments on my planner

09:15 Meet with colleagues to talk about tonight’s Open House: uh oh…Dörthe must still buy cookies!

10:00 Mrs. T. comes to me totally exhausted and tired, unable to sleep and with digestive problems.

I remember two years ago that I treated her seven-year-old son Jack who was lethargic, slept too much, and had no interest in playing with other children. But the worst thing was he had intermittent pain in his hips for no apparent reason. I had asked many questions, tested him and found a tetanus immunization had caused a block in his body. Jack then received bioresonance treatments to successfully rid his body of the toxins. Now Jack’s mother needed help. I told her that the quickest way to recovery would be acupuncture and sent her to my colleague, Dörthe, in the next room. She checked her using the traditional Chinese medicine by examining tongue, pulse etc., and then treated her with acupuncture needles, which remained in her body for a half hour while she lay comfortably under a warm red light. At the same time she received Moxa therapy (burning of herbs over the troubled area, in her case the Ming Men point) and cupping therapy to stimulate her circulation and relax the tissue. Afterwards came a relaxing and healing massage. To stimulate her digestion, she also received a prescription for herbal medication which she could get at her pharmacy.

12:00 Time for a little lunch in the kitchen and Dörthe buys the cookies!

13:30 Mr. M.’s skin is red and itchy. We draw blood for allergy tests. Makes a return appointment for Monday.

14:30 Mom comes to install the water fountain in the hallway, improving the appeal of this nineteenth century building.

15:00 Sorry Mom, have to leave you on your own, the next patient is here. Mrs. D. says she’s lost five pounds since our last meeting. I advise her to continue with the diet program I gave her two weeks ago and make an appointment to check her blood to be sure everything is in balance.

16:30 Mom is still here so I twist her arm into helping prepare for tonight’s Info-Night.

naturheilpraxis_0317:30 Last break. Tea and sandwiches together before the guests arrive.

23:00 Everybody left – rooms cleaned up – bed is calling!

Each of us is happy to have chosen this profession. Everyday it a joy to help and heal, and to see how grateful and pleased our patients are with our special treatment philosophy. How many of us can say from their heart “I really enjoy going to my work – everyday!”?

Originally published in the May/June 2010 issue of Currents, Vol.XXVI No. 3 "Daily Routine"

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