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Ellerhoop Arboretum

  Though it is not located directly in Hamburg, the Ellerhoop Arboretum is great for families looking for a daytrip. Filled with various types of beautiful gardens and trees, it is the perfect way to spend time outside of the city.

  Located in Ellerhoop, in Pinneberg, it is a short drive and costs only a few euros per adult in entrance fee. Also located on the premises is an outside café with lots of different types of cake and drinks at affordable prices.

  An Asian-themed park brings relaxation and meditation to mind as one can sit and enjoy the Zen-like atmosphere it exudes.

  A Roman garden is beautiful at the end of the day, the sun setting behind the trees as the fountain quietly bubbles in the background and the tall columns present an inviting view.

  Children can enjoy a prehistoric section devoted to dinosaurs and the various types of vegetation found so, so long ago when the giants ruled the earth.

  An interactive mint garden allows the patron to smell various types of mint; my favorite was the pineapple mint, an interesting combination! During the summer, the Arboretum is open from 9:00-19:00. Anyone wishing to learn more and see photos can visit the website www.ellerhoop.de/html/arboretum.html.

originally published in Currents June/July 2008 

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