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Wickie und die starken Männer – das magische Schwert (Vic the Viking and the Magic Sword)


Germany | France | Belgium 2019
Opening September 2, 2021

Directed by: Èric Cazes
Writing credits: The Huzlys, Sophie Decroisette, Fréderic Lenoir, Èric Cazes
Principal actors: Animation voiced by Julius Weckauf, Dietmar Bär, Ken Duken, Malu Leicher


Wickie und die starken Männer das magische SchwertWickie’s father Halvar plans to take off on his Viking ship, leaving Wickie at home; he’s too young, says Father. In a confrontation Halvar takes the magic sword from the terrible Sven, a sword which turns everything into gold, which could be everyone’s best dream, if applied correctly. But then, oh dear: a calamity! Wickie’s mother Yiva is also changed into gold. Now Wickie must search for a solution and “a Viking never gives up.” He and his cousin Ylvi, as well as a new acquaintance, tall blond Leif, and a helpful squirrel, all take off for a magic island where help is expected. They sail through the Pirate Paradise and resist high storms to reach the island, but there is still much to overcome.

Vic the Viking has a long history of series, comics, films, etc., all originating from the book by Swedish author Runer Jonsson in 1963. Lucky us to have Vic back again in this new animated version by Èric Cazes. The whole family can enjoy the radiating characters, the splendid animation, the fast action, and the colorful scenery, all supported by heartfelt music organized by Ute Engelhardt (who lives in Hamburg). ()

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