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Die Känguru-Chroniken (The Kangaroo Chronicles)


Germany 2020
Opening July 2, 2020  

Directed by: Dani Levy
Writing credits: Marc-Uwe King
Principal actors: Dimitrij Schaad, Rosalie Thomass, Adnan Maral, Henry Hübchen, (Kangaroo voice) Marc-Uwe Kling


Die Känguru ChronikenThe original book Die Känguru-Chroniken was written in 2009 and became an instant hit when it was transferred into an audiobook, so much that it seemed to be a natural move to make a film out of it. Humorist Marc-Uwe Kling writes songs, poetry as well as being a political stand-up comedian. He often criticizes capitalism and embraces an alternative way of living which reflects a more humanistic lifestyle. In this series, Marc-Uwe Kling (Dimitrij Schaad) lives in the alternative side of Berlin when a life-size speaking Kangaroo (voice by Marc-Uwe Kling) shows up at the door stating that he is a communist and moves in. The adventure begins when Marc-Uwe falls in love with the lady upstairs Maria (Rosalie Thomass) and a greedy real estate tycoon (Henry Hübchen) takes an interest in the area where they live. Tearing down of historical buildings is something that all of us can relate to as we see the major cities struggling with the financial and economic impacts that it is having on the public. Kling’s wild tale portrays this ever increasing dilemma that we are all facing. Where will we live and who will be the top dog in control?

This film was interesting in the fact that I am still trying to understand the German sense of humor. It is the first time that I was in a film and hardly anyone laughed openly but at the end said it was very funny. I thought it had cute moments but think that the audiobook is better. Either way, it is a good film to take your children to and teach them about what is happening to our societies; perhaps we should put a stop to this extreme capitalism before it gets way out of hand. I certainly can agree with the message that Kling is trying to put out there and hoping that we will react before it is too late. ()

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