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Les Misérables (Die Wütenden – Les Misérables)


France 2019
Opening January 23,2020

Directed by: Ladj Ky
Writing credits: Ladj Ky, Giordano Gederlini. Alexis Maneni
Principal actors: Damien Bonnard, Alexis Manenti, Djebril Didier Zonga, Jeanne Balida


Les Misérables Die Wütenden Les MisérablesAt first, the film ironically shows the communion of society and tolerance of social differences, a united France in broadcasting a World Cup soccer game, where blacks, children of immigrants, Gauls, all rooting for France.

In the development of the film we see strong and violent scenes that are also part of the landscape of the country. In this picture appears the anti-crime squad of the Montfermeil community where young Stéphane (Damien Bonnard) fights conflict between gangs and the police. Chris (Alexix Manenti) also belongs to this group as well as Gwada (Djibril Zonga) who uses more crude and illegal methods that generate a great deal of tension among the local gangs. They always think the methods they apply are the right ones, which don't always correspond to reality.

The head of a clan owns a lion baby as their mascot. When this animal is stolen, it unleashes a rebellion among those involved. The squad suspects a young man and when it tries to arrest him, they are obsessed and it is filmed. As the methods used are unconventional if made public, they can cause problems for the squad, going from hunters to the hunted showing the total disintegration of the society ... ()

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