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Review - TRAIN (Keteke)

Peter Kofi Sedufia, Ghana

The sound of trains has a rhythm that sets all of us into motion and from the beginning we see a pregnant woman, Atswei, (Lydia Forson) just at the point of going into labor, sweating and scowling at her husband Boi. They are waiting for a train in the middle of nowhere in Ghana. It is a typical problem with trains in the 1980s and the lack of infrastructure makes the situation almost impossible for this couple who is desperately making way to the hometown in Akete. Since they missed their weekly train and are carrying a heavy load of luggage, they are trying to find their next transportation. This fast-phased comedy keeps you laughing until the film stops. The music and dialogue are truly the highlights of this film. It is one of those rare comedies that have a certain originality and style that could only be done in Ghana. There are many stereotypical elements that are not exactly politically correct. I keep wondering how this film would do in the US. Although I laughed a lot, I too was a bit disturbed at these images of how an African man is or should be. I would love to hear other people’s opinion about what they think. It does remind me of the 1980’s film The Gods Must be Crazy. (SRS)

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