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Philippe Faucon, France

Nine years ago Amin (Moustapha Mbengue) left his home country of Senegal to find work in France. That’s a long time to concentrate on working long hours to send money home. It’s also lonely; the only companionship is interaction between similar workers who live in his dormitory. Once a year he packs money into his socks and flies back home to his wife Aisha (Mareme N’Diaye) and their three children, 10, 12, and 15 years old, where everyone in the village expects financial support and recognition, not just his immediate family. (This was true for my Chinese parents-in-law, who did not once return to their Chinese village in their lifetime, because they would have been expected to distribute money, buy a car for the mayor or build a new school). Amin works overtime in the house of French woman, Gabrielle (Emmanuelle Davos), who also seems lonely. They come closer; let the affair begin. The small Abaton cinema was totally sold out for this film, so obviously there are fans, who appreciated it more than I did. (BT)

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