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Kids can do it

The 16th Michel Kinder und Jugend Filmfest ran parallel to Filmfest Hamburg, September 28 to October 6. It featured ten films from eight countries, as well as a fun section of short films. Recommended for young people aged four to 16, there were also workshops, games, and crafts. Young people could volunteer to be on the jury or to be a member of the Michel Movie Kids, who interviewed participants and guests, introduced showings, conducted Q & A afterwards, and discussed events on TIDE radio. Winner of this year’s competition was SUPA MODO.

There was a 70% attendance, which was considered very good. Half of the festival occurred during the Hamburg school vacation when kids had more time, but also school vacation meant that many young people were away on vacation. The cinemas always jived with a fun atmosphere of excitement. Albert Wiederspiel shared a few words at the final film, praising the audiences throughout the festival for streaming into the dark cinemas in spite of more than a week of warm weather and sunshine.

The final film was ROSIE & MOUSSA, a Belgian film by Dorothée van den Berghe. Rosie has moved to a new neighborhood where she feels strange. Luckily Moussa helps her. Her greatest problem, however, is the disappearance of her father, whom she later discovers, is in prison. What does her mother know? How can she reunite her parents? (BT)

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