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American Women's Club of Hamburg

Sustainable Development Goals Awareness Campaign

SDG goals

Over the next weeks, we'll be presenting the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals, which are idealistic. Yet, it is completely realistic to make good progress, making the world a better place for everyone. The first 5-year mark is coming on September 15th. That means we just have 10 more years to focus on fighting hunger, poverty, pollution, persecution and discrimination, disease, and the climate. The project focuses on how interconnected these issues are.

AWCH has always been good at reaching out. We'll show you how our club activities connect to the SDGs. Locally, we've supported the Women's Shelter, Amnesty for Women, the Heartpillow Project, Hinz und Kunz, refugees, and more. Of course, internationally, there have been the FAWCO Target Projects, which improve the environment, health, education, and human rights -  including the status of women. The SDGs break these down. For example, there are goals pertaining to clean water for sanitation, clean energy, climate action, life on land, and life below water, not just the environment. 

We'll start at the beginning: Goal number 1 will be posted on Facebook this Tuesday, and then a new Goal every week. Are you interested in being the 'Face' of a goal within AWCH? Contact Mary Frances L. through email and phone in the directory or through Christine R at fawcorep@awchamburg.org. If you don't have FB, that's no problem. You can still present your preferred SDG. You'll get to read the two weeks' posts here in our wonderful newsletters. What is your favorite way to make the world a better place? Let me know, and we'll hook you up with Your SDG. Avoid that Fear of Missing Out and sign up this week.

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