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American Women's Club of Hamburg

AWCH Cookbook

In the midst of this unprecedented coronavirus crisis, most of us are currently confined at home.

Many of us are having a hard time getting through this situation of uncertainty.
And we ask ourselves: How can we help?

As our shopping experiences are changing and eating out is not an option, we are also faced with choices around good and simple cooking. And here is how we at AWCH can help each other...


Yes, you’ve got it! Let’s all participate in a new initiative that will offer a simple way for us to stay connected with each other. Let’s create the special 2020 AWCH cookbook Let’s Stay In with the theme “healthy eating”!

cookbook cover

To submit a recipe, here are the submission instructions and the template for the recipe card.

In addition, as we AWCH members are committed to transforming lives in our community, we hope to generate some financial proceeds from this project that shall benefit the 5th Hamburg Women’s Shelter (5. Hamburger Frauenhaus).

Following the submission instructions that we hereby attach, the AWCH Philanthropy Collective invites you to share your 2 or 3 favorite good and simple recipes with photos. Flavorful meals do not have to require a long list of exclusive ingredients, long and thoughtful preparations before they reach our dinner table. Recipes should keep these criteria in mind:

- Ingredients should preferably all be found locally
- The cooking techniques should be fail-safe

We hope that you will support this initiative and therefore support one of our philanthropic community programs. And now it is off to the kitchen! Remember that a healthy meal ideally includes one fruit, one vegetable or whole food products.

Let’s celebrate healthy eating while transforming the lives of our communities!

Thank you
AWCH Philanthropy Collective

Please contact Beatrice at cookbook@awchamburg.org for more information and technical support.

To submit a recipe, here are the submission instructions and the template for the recipe card.

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