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American Women's Club of Hamburg

The Tree Thing—Fundraiser

Tree Planting India

AWCH has a long history of supporting the The Integrated Tribal Watershed Development Programme in India. In 2011 we joined two other German clubs to donate $6500 for the development of the village Paregaon Khurd. This year, the AWCH nomination for a watershed project won the the FAWCO Development Grant in the category Environment. The $4500 grant will pay for the construction of the Hazarwadi Open Well in a desertified area of Maharashtra, India. This well will provide water to 14 families throughout the year. See https://www.awchamburg.org/fawco/projects/3832-hazawadi-open-well-in-india.html.

We are dedicated to continue our support efforts in villages close by. The proceeds from the The Tree Thing–Fundraiser are for the tribal village Bandrichiwadi, home of 40 families. Our Objective is to raise €400: We would use the funds to plant a mango grove of aprox.1 acre near the houses, which lie in one level. The rest would be used to plant eucalyptus and other timber trees along the watershed slopes (approx. 2 acres) to fasten the soil so it will not wash downhill in the rainy season with its heavy rainfall. The water will run along the roots underground which helps restore the ground water that can feed open wells.

Sustainability Made Simple
Plant One Mango Tree for €3  (make a difference)

Planting and protecting trees, increases land productivity, as well as improving food and water security.

  • Tree roots slow down runoff and increase the infiltration of water into the soil.
  • Tree planting improves soil fertility and boosts crop harvest.
  • Their leaves would provide food for farm animals.
  • Their fruits would improve nutrition of villagers.

All donors will receive a Hand Painted Certificate (by our talented Karen Malinowski) showing the number of trees sponsored.

Donation kindly accepted even if you cannot attend event:

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For more information, contact eventschair@awchamburg.org or fawcorep@awchamburg.org


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