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American Women's Club of Hamburg


Header BlueThe Federation of American Women's Clubs Overseas (FAWCO) is our parent organization. This 12,000-member, 100% volunteer organization comprises 64 clubs in 33 countries on six continents. FAWCO serves as a resource and channel of information for its members, promotes the rights of US citizens living overseas, and contributes to the global community through global issues task forces and philanthropy. The FAWCO Foundation is the philanthropic arm and its mission is to put into action the interests of FAWCO in the global community by specifically aiding charitable, scientific and educational programs.


 FAWCO assists Americans globally and locally in Hamburg by:

  • serving as the oldest and largest organization representing the needs of US citizens living overseas
  • keeping Americans overseas up-to-date on their rights and responsibilities, including voting rights, equitable taxation, and citizenship for children born and/or adopted abroad
  • working with Congress to address issues such as Medicare benefits, Social Security payment fairness, taxation fairness, banking fairnes and voting rights for US citizens overseas

FAWCO addresses global issues by:

  • being a non-governmental organization (NGO) with consultative status at the UN
  • addressing public, social and health policies and issues throughout the world
  • supporting the rights of women and children throughout the world

FAWCO promotes a wide-range of philanthropic efforts by:

  • supporting the Target Project Free the Girls as the beneficiary of the FAWCO Target Program: Human Rights for Women
  • financing the complete education of 20 young women in Burkina Faso to become teachers, nurses or midwives
  • administering an Emergency Relief Fund which is activated in response to global disasters
  • awarding Development Grants to charities supported by member clubs
  • giving Education Awards to members as well as their children and grandchildren 

To learn more please visit the FAWCO website www.fawco.org. Every member of AWCH is a member of FAWCO and can register on the website.The best way to keep up-to-date is to sign up for the quarterly President’s newsletter Connections, monthly News in Brief, the semi-annual Forum newsletter, and the Task Force Bulletins. 

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