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American Women's Club of Hamburg

The 2017 Friendship Quilt

FAWCO launched its new Target program Education—Empowering Women and Girls through Knowledge and Skills in 2016!  In celebration of this theme, the 2017 Friendship Quilt Four Walls with Tomorrow Inside will embrace the world and all of its schoolhouses.  Some of them are no more than a shady spot under a tree but they all contain tomorrow!

Every year since 1995, FAWCO members throughout the world have contributed their creativity and sewing talents to the FAWCO Friendship Quilt. This international collaboration has resulted in a unique collection of stunning handmade quilts. The greatly coveted finished product is raffled each year at the FAWCO annual conference in order to raise money for The Foundation's Foundation’s programs and charitable causes.

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For the 2017 Quilt AWC Hamburg proudly submitted squares from Tracy M. and Susan S.W. The proceeds from the quilt raffle at the 45th Biennial Conference in Mumbai will go to the Target program Education.



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