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About Us

The AWCH Film Group attends press screenings of films, usually 6-8 weeks before theatrical release, upon invitation from the film distributors, together with Hamburg journalists from newspapers, TV, etc. After watching a film – often in English, but not always – we write a review about it. Reviews appear in Currents, the Hamburg Guide (the English language publication of the Hamburg Führer) and on websites. Occasionally we are invited to interviews and photo shoots of actors and directors. Film festivals we attend as accredited journalists include: Filmfest Hamburg, the Berlinale (Berlin), Sundance (USA), Cannes (France) to name a few.

This is a working group, although we have fun as well. However, it isn't a social group in the sense of going to a film and having lunch or dinner together before or afterwards. Most often you may be our only representative at any given film. Occasionally we meet to socialize, or to discuss new ideas, watch the Academy Award® presentations, rehash film festivals, or participate in a writers, etc. workshop.

We show a high degree of professionalism at the screenings and press conferences, albeit we earn no money. If you are interested in the art of cinema, think that you could attend at least one film a month and write a short review, wish to practice your journalistic skills, see your work in print, and write “international film critic” on your résumé, you are welcome to join.



Read our reviews of films showing in Hamburg since 2003, and film festival articles at the KinoCritics website.

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Contact us by sending our coordinator an email at filmgroup@awchamburg.org.


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