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Oscar Party


“He looks like an alien. I didn’t realize I’d already read the book seven years ago. Would you wear that hair-do to the Oscars? Oh, oh, wrong legs for that dress. Viggo Mortensen is so hot. How do you recognize something by Jil Sander? It probably didn’t happen with sperm from L. Ron Hubbard.“

You guessed it: the 80th annual Oscar Awards happened and we were there the morning of February 25. Nancy Tilitz literally laid down a red carpet and decorated her apartment appropriately for film enthusiasts. Tracy Moede slept the previous night on the sofa in order to tape the proceedings from Pro 7. Full of carrot soup as well as lots of homemade muffins and other munchies, we settled in to watch Jon Stewart entertain us with jokes about the lack of jokes due to the long writers’ strike.

Rita Pearson-Schwandt won her own Oscar for having correctly guessed 16 of the winners. Shelly Schoeneshoefer won second place and Tracy Moede and Karen Engelke tied for third. Prizes were bags, buttons, and T-shirts sent by Karen Pecota straight from the Sundance film festival.

There were three guests, two genuine cinematographers with real documentary films on their resumes: Marinell Haegelin and Susan Chales de Beaulieu (she filmed us as we watched the ceremonies) and Erica Fox Zabusky’s daughter Madeleine, definitely a future Oscar winner.

originally published in Currents Apr/May 2008

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