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Planetarium Night

 The coolest of the Hamburg night owls met at the Hamburg Planetarium in Stadtpark on a nice June Saturday night to view DEEP SPACE ...and then the rocking began. Starting at 22:00 our evening adventure took off in the dome as participants lounged in reclining theater chairs and awaited the laser and visual show. The “laserist” announced that the show would be interactive, urging the audience to clap or sing as they saw fit. The music was from the ‘60s to present day, and there was a smattering from all the decades in between including Bowie, Madonna, Genesis, Pink Floyd, Elton John, and some various German artists. The laser work was quite interesting, but by the end there was a bit of overload as most techniques were thrown together. The smoke effects were a bit stifling for those unlucky enough to be near the aisles, but did lend an interesting quality to the laser light play.

 I was a bit disappointed in the picture part of the “concert“ but being a graphic artist puts me in a category where I want to be absolutely “wowed“; I was only partially satisfied, and just a bit dizzy from the revolving universe in the first number.

 All in all, I enjoyed DEEP SPACE in general - it started off rather well - but somewhere towards the end I felt that the show unravelled to a mishmash of too much all at the same time. Instead of introducing new effects, it became just a medley of everything thrown in the same pot with the last few numbers disconnected as well. I was terribly disappointed that they left out Dark Side of the Moon; that is the laser show anthem!

 The upside is that it was great fun sharing the experience with fellow club members, and we certainly had a good time comparing notes and trying something new and different. We did feel culturally adventurous, and that is half the fun, in a nutshell. I‘d recommend this for young teens and parents to share - harmless and inspiring material for the right age frame.

originally published in Currents Aug/Sep 2009

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