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American Women's Club of Hamburg

Celebrating the success of the AWCH Book Exchange

A special thanks to Carola A., Marlene N., Margaret S., Carol S., Susan S., Carol B., Sus E., Becky T., Thelma F., and Ann G for generously donating books for sale, plus donating clothing for the refugees, with all proceeds going to the Hamburg Leuchtfeuer.  This generosity plus the active book and teddy bear buyers made this fundraising event successful.   It was a fun and interesting, with many of us coming together to chat, eat good food and swap tales.  Although we sold only eight teddy bears, 250 euros worth of book-buying gave us a grand total of 300 euros to donate to the Hamburg Leuchtfeuer which will be used to build affordable housing for young people with incurable illness such as Muscular Dystrophy.  The few remaining books were donated to the local library, hospitals, and churches. 

book exchange 2017 b

s Shelly S donations partner Petra HH Leuchtfeuer 

(above: AWCH member Shelly S. with donations partnet Petra from Hamburg Leuchtfeuer)

book exchange 2017 a 

(above: members Susan S., Carol B., Shelly S. and Becky T.)

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