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American Women's Club of Hamburg

AWC Ladies' Brunch and Website Presentation

On Saturday, October 4, we gathered at the HANSA Ruderclub in a conference room overlooking the Lake Alster. After enjoying a delicious brunch our member and web woman, Catherine Conner, gave us a personal tour of our new website on the big screen. She is the driving force behind our new AWC website which was launched on 4th of July with the help of several of our members generously donating their time working with the web team.

The AWC site provides some great new improvements:

  • User-friendly design with redesigned navigation and menus.
  • New content and upcoming activities are featured on the front page; you see what’s new at a glance.
  • Improved search function to enable detailed text searches on all content.
  • New web-based system that will allow more members to be directly involved to edit and maintain content by using their own browsers.

We learned first-hand which special services are in progress that will be added in the next few months, such as photo sharing, pin boards and much more! A lively discussion ended the enthusiastic and informative “guided tour” by Cat Conner.

originally published in Currents Dec 2008/Jan 2009

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