Applying to Become a Member

Club Year: January 1 through December 31
Annual Dues: 39€ per year (Please note that membership dues are to be paid in January by each member or throughout the year by any new member. Club dues are NOT prorated.)


Thank you for visiting our website and your interest in becoming a member of the American Women's Club of Hamburg!

You may apply in one of two ways:

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Your request will usually be processed within a week and you’ll receive an email with further details. In order to protect the rights of our members, the information on this form will not be given out or used for any commercial purposes.

Membership dues are 39€ per year to be paid in January by each member or throughout the year by any new member. We don’t offer reduced rates since our yearly dues have been lowered.

Reasons to become a member:


Ultimate responsibility for all decisions regarding application for membership rests with the board, whose rulings are binding. After the board has approved your application, you will be asked to transfer the membership dues to our bank account. Your membership becomes effective when we have received BOTH your membership form AND your payment. We accept payment by bank transfer (Überweisung) only.

After approval through the Membership Chairwoman please transfer your yearly dues of 39€ including your full name to our bank account:
American Women´s Club of Hamburg e.V. 

Sparda Bank Hamburg 

BLZ: 206 905 00

Konto-Nr.: 0000 911 771
If needed please note: IBAN DE75 2069 0500 0000 9117 71 Swift/BIC GENODEF1S11

If you have any questions, please contact our Membership Chair.