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American Women's Club of Hamburg

Club History

A Bit About Our Club

In 2016 the American Women's Club of Hamburg e.V. (AWCH) celebrated our 60th anniversary. Over the course of years, the club has consistently adapted to the members, regularly offering new exciting opportunities to be involved. We currently support more than 120 members as they participate in further education, activities in and around Hamburg, and of course meet to exchange ideas, try new or old hobbies, attend events together and much more.

The AWCH began in 1956 with monthly meetings for coffee in private houses of the members. When the group became too big for everyone's living room, lunch meetings were held in restaurants and became the American Women's Luncheon Club. The club provides members with information about integration, important everyday information such as where a doctor or a nice café in the neighborhood can be found, as well as tax, legal or banking regulations. The great common denominator for members is love for the United States of America, whether through American citizenship or friendship, perhaps due to time spend residing in the US. Naturally then, American celebrations such as the Independence Day, Thanksgiving or Halloween are held, including friends and family. In recent years, the club has diversified to become a home for members of all nationalities. As a FAWCO member, the Federation of American Women's Clubs Overseas, Inc., the club supports the annual worldwide target project and uses surplus funds to help local non-profit organizations and initiatives.

Despite all the changes and adaptations over the last 60 years, the club has never lost sight of its goal, to help Americans adjust to  life in Hamburg, providing a setting to feel at home with friends and peers.

Find out more! Read an open letter from one of the founding members of our club: "American Women's Club of Hamburg: It All Started in 1950"

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